Lawn Maintenance Pricing

Lawn Services is based on a 3,000 square foot area.

Lawn Maintenance prices include tax.

Lawn Cutting Service Every Two Weeks Monthly Billing
Basic Lawn cut using the mulch attachment on mower $35.00 $80.00
Basic Lawn cut using a bag on mower $40.00 $90.00
Lawn cut and trim with mulch attachment $40.00 $90.00
Lawn cut and trim with bag on mower $45.00 $100.00

Garden Edging and Mulching Pricing

Service Price
Garden Edging $1.50 per linear foot
Garden Mulch $145 per yard (includes price of mulch, delivery and application on most varieties of mulch
Sod $1.00 per square foot (includes cost of sod delivery and installation)
Grass Seed and Fertilizing Prices may differ based on the prices and quality of grass seed and fertilizer and the number of times required during the season.